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Since 1991, Ocean Master has equipped divers with the world's finest snorkels and masks. The Ocean Master Advanced Dry Snorkel, sold here exclusively, offers stupendous quality. (Some say they got up to to 500 dives!) Water-less snorkeling has arrived.

Equalizers also miracle-ize snorkeling. These phenomenal purge masks allow divers to equalize their ear pressure by squeezing their nose. This first-ever, open-nosed purge system lets you squeeze your nose underwater (hence came the name Equalizer). Clear your flooded mask by exhaling through your nose. Your mask is heretofore hands-free.


Ocean Master offers more features. Equalizers come standard with the one-and-only Q-Strap.

Click on the tabs to view the Custom Formulated Beta Titanium Dive Knives, Knight Pro Bouyancy Compensator and Deep Limit Regulator. Fun and diving now go together. You'll be amazed!

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Shown above: Equalizer Primero Yellow and the Equalizer Commando Crystal Blue

Email: info@oceanmaster.com


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