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Since 1991, Ocean Master has equipped divers with the world's best-selling dry snorkel (the name they coined), Equalizer Purge Masks, originally-inspired custom-formulated beta titanium dive knives, stylish and high quality Knight Pro bouyancy compensators, finely-crafted twin piston regulators and more. This year their spring-loaded Formulas will deliver extremely high torque--for greater towing capacity. (And, you'll go faster with less effort.) Their engineering philosophy entails giving you the most comfortable dive. Even their fins are based on the most ideal utilization of fin theory, incorporating highly reinforced coils for faster rebound. They put the fun back into diving. Their products are highly off-the-wall yet made by super guys.

No other company in the world has been able to intelligently design and consistently deliver.

Ocean Master's success comes with providing a high level of customer service. You'll see their products used all over the world--in even the most remote destinations.

When you call them, you'll actually get a live person, when you call (not a recorded message.)

You may contact the company and ask questions about almost anything from viewing videos of the use of the Formulas in heavy currents, and even how to install a snorkel purge valve.

Their products are constantly being tested by quality control engineers--who also happen to love to dive, just like you. In fact, their fin testers have reported that, even against currents, the new Formulas have felt very comfortable and actually helped to go forward. An ideal durometer (measurement of hardness) is achieved for the fin's blade stiffness. The Formula's two-edged sword design philosophy solves the diver's ever-recurring problem of lack of thrust which may lead to cramping and fatigue. Ocean Master has been widely known for successfully developing products that solve divers' problems.

So far, three independent fin tests have been conducted by a team of divers across the United States. In every one of these tests, Formulas offered more speed and more thrust.

Formulas even beat the fastest split fin.

You'll be more comfortable throughout your dive, because, for the first time, fins push you forward. You'll also get extra features. Incorporated into every fin are Black Belts, Ocean Master's newest fin straps. They pre-adjust for readiness and also stretch for fast removal. These straps, which can be sold separately, in case you already have a pair of fins but need a better-fitting strap, enable you to get just the right fit (the strap adjusts--bungee-type straps do not) and incorporate convenient pull-rings to help you get the strap on and off your foot. Prior to the introduction of Black Belts, fin straps have never been able to simultaneouly offer so many features. Springs in the blade and a pull ring for your adjustable strap can help you go a long way.

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