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Since 1991, Ocean Master has equipped divers with the world's best-selling anti-flood dry snorkel--now called the Ocean Master Advanced Dry Snorkel (sold here exclusively). For genuine parts, you'll get it here. If you want quality, you've come to the right place. You may also purchase these other great products: Ocean Master Equalizer Purge Mask with Q-strap (5 popular models); Ocean Master Custom-formulated Beta Titanium Dive Knife (Tactical Tanto, Point or Blunt); Ocean Master Knight Pro BC, Ocean Master Deep Limit Titanium Regulator. They put the fun back into diving. Their products are highly off-the-wall yet made with over 50 years of manufacturing experience.

Ocean Master's success comes with providing a high level of customer service. You'll see their products in the most remote destinations.

Ocean Master has been widely known for successfully developing products that solve divers' problems.

For prices or to place an order, call (800)841-7007 or click here .

Shown above: Equalizer Primero Yellow and the Equalizer Commando Crystal Blue

Email: info@oceanmaster.com


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